Erciyes University Faculty of Engineering is one of the first faculty members of our university and on March 1, 1977 he started his education with the Department of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. There are now 14 departments in our Faculty. In addition to the Department of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, in 1991, he worked in the fields of Construction and Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering in 1995, Textile Engineering in 1996, Environment and Food Engineering in 1998, Mechatronics Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering in 2005, Biomedical Engineering And Energy Systems Engineering in 2009 and Department of Industrial Design Engineering in 2010. In the Department of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering 1992-1993, Department of Civil Engineering, 2003-2004 academic year started from the second teaching. In the departments of Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering, the second education started in 2009-2010 academic year. Since 2004, double-major and minor-branch education programs have been implemented in our faculty. All sections of the faculty have one year of compulsory English preparatory classes.
        The academic staff of our faculty consists of 26 professors, 26 associate professors, 84 assistant professors, 10 lecturers, 81 research assistants and 1 expert. Students are accepted to our faculty by numerical score from ÖSS exam and students are given compulsory English preparatory education for one year.

        The Erciyes University Engineering Faculty, with its advanced infrastructure and facilities, has been successful in many successful national and international projects and works. According to the statistics of 2006, 54 faculties of engineering faculty affiliated to state universities have been 3rd in terms of number of publications per faculty member.