The Faculty of Engineering of Erciyes University was established on March 1st 1977, initially offering Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering BS programs only. The Faculty of Engineering currently consists of fourteen departments following the establishment of the Civil and Industrial Engineering departments in 1991, the Control and Computer Engineering and Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Departments in 1995, Textile Engineering in 1996 and the Environmental Engineering and Food Engineering Departments in 1998,. Mechatronic Engineering and Material Science departments in 2005, Biomedical Engineering in 2007, Energy Systems Engineering in 2009 and Industrial Desing Engineering in 2010 All programs currently offers Bachelor of Science degree except for Energy Systems Engineering and Industrial Desing Engineering departments. One-year preparatory English classes are obligatory in all departments of the Faculty. There are more than 5411 undergraduate students attending to the faculty in 2010-2011-fall semester. Currently, total of 23 full professors, 23 associate professors, 77 assistant professors, 9 lecturers, 44 researcher assistants and 1 expert are working in the Faculty of Engineering. There are also total of 28 staff in charge of several different administrative duties.
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